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1 Tip For Skinny Guys To Build Muscle

Skinny guys: do NOT go to the gym until you watch this video! http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd39 Hey ya’ll! thanks for tuning in today, Now I know it can seem …

5 Sneaky Muscle Building Tips

Fitness Expert Kyle Leon and Aaron Giberson walk you through 5 little known advanced tips for building muscle. For more info, please visit: http://bit.ly/VsO…
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Build Guys Muscle Skinny

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  1. If you really dont care about healthiness then i suggest soda, three or
    four cans of coke per day can really do wonders for packing on the pounds.

  2. Sooo… If you want to be bigger you eat all that you can :D

  3. nkay guys?

  4. Where’s his shirt ?

  5. stevenrocksthehoused

    im a skinny guy im scared to over eating and cant stop eating to much food

  6. 70kg consider skinny or not?

  7. is making those protein shakes stuff help?

  8. Well i dont have any weights at home and im pretty skinny, i eat a lot like
    he said and stuff but what should i substitute for the weights? Any

  9. thanks mike this actually helped alot…. but one thing… i’ve got a
    reeaallyyy fast metabolism, and so even if i eat a lot of food all the
    time, i don’t feel like its making a huge change

  10. 4:26 – And here I find the first “fitness guru” to recommend eating cake,
    ice cream, cookies, croissants, and donuts. 

  11. Can vouch for this. I was 11st, around 155lbs and I watched this video I
    aimed for 180lb+, couple of months later I was 12st and a couple more
    months I was 13st. In the past I had the mindset of “I’m eating a lot but
    can’t gain weight” but I simply wasn’t eating enough. I was eating < 2000 calories a day in actuality but after watching this video, I bumped up to 3500+ and gained weight pretty fast and started paying close attention to caloric intake. Whole milk was the biggest way for me to gain weight fast. Just drink 4pints of milk a day in addition to your meals and I guarantee you will gain weight.

  12. How do I know when I should change weight sets?.. 

  13. What if I don’t have any appetite for any kind of food?
    And I’m heavy smoker
    Please show some tips for this kind of humen haha

  14. You’re a champ mike! Love the videos. Very informative and helpful. Been
    using these tips for few weeks now and have had massive gains… Like you
    said I’m getting a big gut but that’s okay because im getting bigger. Will
    change my diet once I get to my goal weight then burn some fat and tone it
    up a bit… Hopefully! Haha Keep these killer vids coming!

  15. Hey mike,I’m taking some weight gainers.So do I still need to follow what
    you do?

  16. thank you for sharing these awesome tips Kyle!

  17. notienes estos 61 videoas en español a dodne los puedo conseguir yo compre
    el plan de maxinizador de musculos pero quiero estos viedos y tips en

  18. Great tips, Kyle. Thanks! :-)

  19. Great tips! For me reverse grip pull-downs are killing my wrists… I have
    some previous sprains and only a few exercises cause it, any tips here?

  20. good stuff…

  21. I want you as my personal trainer Kyle… I would get ripped so fast 😀

  22. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for watching!

  23. Great tips big Aaron!!!!

  24. Thanks for watching!

  25. great vid!

  26. Awesome- I’ll try this out in the gym today… thanks Kyle

  27. Thanks for the kind words!

  28. Glad we could help, thanks for watching!

  29. I like your tip on the legs workout- thankssss!!!

  30. These are really helpful. Thanks!

  31. Thanks for watching. I always want to help be effective and safe when
    working out

  32. Guys to make it happens…. It takes passion,? dedication and Kyle!! Thank
    you for posting these vidz!

  33. breaking up arm workouts is only for professionals eh? isnt that exactly
    what the program does too?

  34. If I can’t be your personal trainer, thankfully I can put these videos up
    and help you this way

  35. Lembke Clementine

    love watching your training videos as you’ve always shown me the right
    workout angles

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