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10-Minute Fat Burning Workout | Class FitSugar

Get a quick cardio blast and build some muscles with our latest Class FitSugar. This quickie 10-minute workout will get your metabolism revved by working you…

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10Minute Burning Class FitSugar Workout

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  1. Jasweightlossvlog

    I absolutely love these videos!! 

  2. Health and Fitness Page
  3. Fabulous work out once again! Thank you.

  4. good burn

  5. How do they do that without vomiting??? I would pass out.

  6. new #workout I just loved +POPSUGAR Entertainment 

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  8. Really loved this full body workout – goes to show you that all it takes to
    get a great workout is 10 minutes.

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    Blast Factor right away.

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  11. How many calories I burned in this 10 minutes?

  12. She’s like “I LOVE IT”
    But what she really means is “MAKE IT STOP”

  13. Just finished this workout and before I did your 10 min Cardio. Can you
    explain why this work out is “Fat Burning”? Does it have something to do
    with using the weights? I enjoyed both work outs and adding them to my
    favorites! Thank you!!

  14. This is fabulous!

  15. cinco a diez

  16. I’m sweating bullets, wow.

  17. Will do tomorrow . Thanks

  18. Love Astrid, wonder if she has a dvd? She’s Julianne Hough’s trainer.

  19. 5 to 10 pounds dumbbells o sea manuernas de 2 a 5 kg

  20. Love it ♥

  21. Love it!! So glad the 10 min workouts are back.

  22. Ver very good thanks for teaching

  23. I liked that .Good job.

  24. Hello .De cuanto son las pesas?

  25. Great workout! The jump squats did me in at the end.

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  27. I did it until the 10 min.. Cuz im a begginer.

  28. After ive finished this workout, a mcdonalds ad popped up at the end of the
    video. How ironic. heh 

  29. Is cardio workout can improve our stamina?

  30. I did his workout yesterday. It’s only about 35 minutes long but kicked my
    butt. I loved it!

  31. oh no girl you bugging!

  32. how many pairs of sneakers do you own??

  33. I love these videos

  34. Somebody come pick me up off the floor. I made it to the end, but tapped
    out on about 2 of the workouts. I’ll try to do this every other day. Good
    workout. I’m drenched in sweat.

  35. Thank you SO much for saying that bit about carbs and protein! I already
    found your workouts so simple to find and follow, and it’s relieving to
    find a trainer that isn’t giving into the protein hype!

  36. My legs are burning! :-D

  37. Unbelievably painful and relieving once I saw the Workout Complete sign.
    Gonna try doing this at least twice a week. Thank you for this wonderful
    workout, that felt reeeeally good.

  38. Brutal! Thanks 😀 this extra 50lbs is going bu-bye!

  39. it isn’t a huge deal but I definitely miss the voice overs instead of the
    talking while working out…. I find myself not watching new vids and going
    back to old vids bc of this

  40. professionalmartinez

    Wow this was kinda brutal lol I could hardly finish those squats and curtsy

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