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3 Keys To Building Chest Muscle – Bench Press Techniques

How to build a ripped and muscular chest: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd9b Hey man, it’s Mike Chang and today I’m going to give you the three best tips for b…
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Bench Building Chest Keys Muscle Press Techniques

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  1. It’s not a wrong way to do it it is just engaging your scapula gymnast do
    it when they do dips handstand pushups pullups pushup all of their

  2. Perfect!!

  3. Were a new fitness channel check us out subscribe, like, comment more
    videos on the way. Big ups to Mike

  4. why did you give that 3rd tip… as if the benches weren’t full enough on
    Mondays already lol 

  5. What a great tip. I had never even thought of using my traps!

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    giving feedback, thank you 

  7. and also is lifting 20lb 20 minutes a day effective

  8. Great vid!

  9. Do you need to start lower weight so you can complete 7 sets? Or do you do
    start with the weight you can do 10 reps, and when you can’t do 10 reps
    lower the weight?

  10. This dude’s a boss. What a way to kick in the face of the whole weak,
    puny, Asian stereotype.

  11. Thanks for the amazing tip but how many times are you allowed to work on
    your chest per weak,a lot of people say over doing your chest workout can
    damage your muscle .

  12. Thanks for the shoulder tip. Mine are wrecked from pressing incorrectly for
    so long

  13. I don’t usualy comment but when I do it was a good tip. Sqweeze traps was a
    great one .thanks

  14. this is good for me

  15. becareful your neck muscle gonna sore

  16. sorry mike but you’re holding the bar the wrong way. your wrists should not
    have an angle with your under arm.

  17. Thanks Mike! The tip was really really helpful :)

  18. Are you supposed to start off with less weight and work your way up, or the
    same amount all the way through?

  19. Interesting and useful info. Will do and thank you!

  20. Great tips

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  22. Not nearly. Teenagers can usually do 15-25 sets easily. Rest should be no
    more than a couple minutes between sets.

  23. ReserviorBasterds

    17, I like to do both compound and isolation movements. Will that help me
    to build muscle?

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  26. wow… to think my parents are only 2 years older than these guys

  27. Are pullups the same as chinups or are they just saying only to do pullups?

  28. leg press, for legs. really? never would have guessed

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    Ripped Muscle”, but then they saw the results. Go and Google MAD Ripped
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  30. All Kinds Of Muscles…

  31. I work out like 4 times week but i dont do certain muscle groups, i do the
    exact same exercises everyday, i dont think this is good but i dont have
    access to enoguh exercises to designate a day for each body part.

  32. ive already been taking protein powder and ive been working out for 3
    months is that a problem ?

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  34. You must be some kind of yoked muthafucka

  35. when did deadlift become a non compound movement lolz

  36. So does that mean i should be taking in 189 grams of protien a day??? That
    sounds excessive

  37. A person who acts like they know everything about body building because
    they saw it on tv or read it in a magazine and probably does full body
    workouts too often.

  38. Well it’s been two years since iv started and i went from 57kg to 66kg
    stopped for 5 months due to a accident, Now what i have been stressin about
    is that it looks like im stuck in those begginer gains how the heck do i
    get through that?? also i THINK i have puffy muscle syndrome. My chest has
    been lagging like craazyy i honestly dont know what to do anymore any help?

  39. I’m 13 and i’m a bodybuilder, check out my videos.

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