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3 Muscle Building Diet Tips

3 Muscle Building Diet Tips

Confession: I used a “shortcut” to build muscle and get abs, this video reveals all: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd2G Hey Guys Mike here with the Six Pack Sh…
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http://www.WeightGainMethod.com/view/yt1m -▻ Discover How To Gain Weight & Build Muscle Fast! If you’re not sure what kind of foods you need in your muscle b…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Building diet Muscle Tips

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  1. Six Pack Shortcuts

    New video for skinny guys! 3 Diet Tips To Build Muscle

  2. Gatorade isn’t healthy. 2:10

  3. Dear Mike

    Your are advising to eat more carbs but what if we use fat as the primary
    source of energy and avoid eating more carbs than 150gram per day. Instead
    increase the intake of proteins. Would we gain healthy weight (muscles)? 

  4. good points Mike. I always make sure I get something down as soon as I
    finish my workouts too. It really does help delay the break down of muscle.

  5. Hi, have you seen Xraggy Muscle Max? (search for it on Google) You will
    discover the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Xraggy Muscle Max,
    you will discover how to bulk up fast.

  6. can somebody help me .. whats the proper diet if I have belly fat but at
    same time I need to build muscle cuz my upper body and my arm are very weak
    ,,,so basically overall I have weak arms and chest etc ,, but I have belly

  7. Be My personal trainee please

  8. Can someone help me out please. How do you know the point where you over
    work your muscles and start to lose muscle? Can you work and upper and
    lower body everyday? Or do you have to have cool down days? 

  9. It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when normal people
    accomplish it easily with Vixen Fat Loss (Google it).

  10. guys I want to get bigger than what I am, but yet i’m not all muscle do I
    burn the fat then eat more? or eat more and burn at the same time?

  11. Nice idea, how much fat could people lose? My sister shred 4 stone after
    studying Wretch Weight Workings. Do a Google search for it :)

  12. New video for skinny guys! 3 Diet Tips To Build Muscle

  13. thx men i gain 4 kg in 2 weeks

  14. When is a good time to eat after or before workout?

  15. that’s amazing, how did you do it?

  16. catarinawberumenw

    This master exercising manual will probably do the job for you as it is
    customized for your body type. The Muscle Maximizer tells ways flabby
    bodies become ROCK SOLID athletic bodies using the perfect diet & workouts.
    Look at how the Maximizer can get you SIX-PACK ABS:

  17. I just wanna say thank you man coz 16 weeks ago I was 65 kg and know I am
    pretty much 90kg

  18. Haha that actually made me lol.

  19. Thanks Mike! I’m not a very big guy. And since i am watching this video I
    obviosly want to get bigger. Your videos has inspired me to really work
    harder and also change the way I eat. Keep on doing what you’re doing! it
    is really helpful!

  20. Thanks mike I have been making this mistake for a while

  21. Thanks mike I have been making this mistake for a while

  22. Thx a lot for the vid. As a beginner I find it easier to understand what I
    need to do

  23. BodybuildingCooking

    Thx for the video and don’t worry about those comments about editting what
    happened at 4:50.;)

  24. great advice! 

  25. Nice variety of foods to have at your disposal. Love those bell peppers &
    mushrooms! Lemon flavored tuna’s also a favorite of mine. I sneak in some
    cheese with the tuna sandwiches but have a fast metabolism so takes a bit
    of time to gain weight from foods like that. Geeez… you get through a lot
    of eggs! 😉

  26. Weight Gain Network

    @David Benjamin – Sweet potatoes, whatever you wanna call them. They’re
    labeled as yams in the grocery store. I know, I know…

  27. Weight Gain Network

    @irtbagzrus – Nothing, I must have hit it with once of the bags by accident
    as I was setting them down…

  28. I’ve just been lucky that my fat went to my shoulders which has made me
    look even better. I was 130 at one point , now after 4 weeks I gained 15 to
    20 pounds. Just eat a lot of good things and check the mirror

  29. Weight Gain Network

    @jake lawrence – Thanks, I’ll turn it off then when I get a chance.

  30. Weight Gain Network

    @Chadderall113 – Hey, as long as it works for you and you’re making gains
    every week.

  31. Weight Gain Network

    @deathdefiant – Yep, I’ve been eating mostly organic stuff lately.

  32. I’ve been eating like a pig for the last 4 weeks at night haha on a bulk.
    Sometimes homade cookies to. For some reason I’ve still gained good weight
    from me looking in the mirror. Sometimes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
    until you start to see that your getting more fat then muscle

  33. Weight Gain Network

    @USAcorrupt – Nice, yep almonds is another great source of fat.

  34. those arent yams bro

  35. Why brown rice and not white?

  36. Nah, eat the whole thing. Don’t believe everything you hear about
    cholesterol, fat, etc. They’ve changed their minds so many times about
    what’s healthy, what’s not, that they have pretty well shown they have no
    idea what they’re talking about. Your body is what regulates your
    cholesterol, not the foods you eat. Plus, the yolk is where the majority of
    the nutrients are.

  37. Weight Gain Network

    @Security2U – No idea, I didn’t save the receipt.

  38. Where’s buckweheat?? How can you forget buckwheat??

  39. That’s A LOT of food 😡

  40. please don’t call it crap when it’s suppose to be good 4 u! lol

  41. You buy water? Is ya tap water no good?

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