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8 Top MMA Strength Exercises – Strength Training for Athletes

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Jim Wendler discusses his experience with strength training as a business model. Lecture recorded at the Starting Strength Coaches Association Conference, Oc…
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Athletes Exercises Strength Training

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  1. impressive. Any reason for the trap bar deadlift instead of conventional

  2. Nasty Work!

  3. AtheistPowerlifter

    The guy demonstrating in this vid is very fit and strong. Probably a great

  4. Diesel Strength & Conditioning

    thanks everyone for watching!

  5. this is awesome

  6. Very good vid. I would replace step-ups with pistol squats though.

  7. I luv it! Just the basics. Pavel T. would be proud.


  9. My understanding is to breathe out on the downswing of KB swings.

  10. need more mma stuff

  11. Awesome training Bro! Thanks 4 sharing

  12. i want more franchi and auddinwood!

  13. mustachetelevision

    Great selection Smitty, keep up the good work!

  14. Diesel Strength & Conditioning

    @keshav0312 I discuss it in the article on my site, please check it out –
    thanks for watching!

  15. man I’d love to train with you guys

  16. Question about the chains with the dead lifts, is there a reason for adding
    them compared to more plates? it seems you get more weight at the top of
    the movement, also does it add a stability thing? I see you use them a lot
    and was just wondering.

  17. Diesel Strength & Conditioning

    @MrBurhans03 you got it brother

  18. Love your videos, Smitty. Really great stuff and also motivates me to lift.

  19. Thanks for the vid!

  20. Great clips. Thanks for sharing…

  21. hey smitty, just a really stupid question, but trainers at la fitness wehre
    i go to say that pushups should only be done on chest and tricep day, but i
    thought u can do body weight exercises every day like a set pull ups till
    failure, a set of pushups, and a set of body weight squats.

  22. Mike "The Machine" Bruce

    Good stuff Smitty as usual.

  23. Awesome, awesome video! I can start doing some of this right away. Quick
    question…do you guys have any videos on what nutrition and supplements to
    take or how many calories to take to grow serious muscle etc?

  24. question: Is a thicker rope better for rope climbs? Oh and where do you all
    get those chains in the pushup part?

  25. This is quite F—-G CLASSIC! I hope and work to someday be able to “pay
    the bills” solely off of what I create ala THE Jim Wendler and others..

  26. 14 million holy shit

  27. maciej lewandowski


  28. Freaking awesome.

  29. Jim is the fucking man

  30. I loved Wendler before, and the fact that he just talked about Malmsteen,
    just got me pumped

  31. CombatVeteranLifter

    Thanks for uploading such an informative vid!! =)

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