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BeFiT GO: 40 Min Total Body Fat Burn Workout- Circuit 2

BeFiT GO: 40 Min Total Body Fat Burn Workout- Circuit 2 is an intense, 40 minute calorie-blasting mobile circuit workout set to some of today’s hottest worko…
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BeFiT Body Burn Circuit Total Workout

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  1. i sweat crazy with this workout…i feel the burn!!! how much will i bur
    in how many weeks?

  2. so annoying

  3. Had to do a lot of improv because I don’t own a kettle ball and a medicine
    ball, but I made it work! Had a great time doing it and will plan on using
    it again!

  4. Thanks to ExprezSliminizer, i dont have to search anymore. I lost 10 lbs in
    one week. Check it out today.

  5. aprox how many calories does this burn for a 120# person?

  6. I don`t have such equipment at home. Can I do this workout without ? 

  7. This is a great cardiovascular routine that u can do at home n the gym.

  8. I am sot iny now!

  9. I was tierd at 14:50 minutes of training but i handled it to the end!

  10. I used my training bag planket and my training big ball

  11. Imagine losing fat fast? Well Wretch Weight Workings will make you lose
    weight… Period.. Give it a go, just search the phrase Wretch Weight

  12. I like your workouts <3 but I have a questions, for how many time should I
    do this fat burning workout a week? and when I wud notice the difference?
    Please answer me. Thank you for your vids.

  13. tontito, mi imagen es el acertijo/riddler no el guason/joker.

  14. yukichancinnamonroll

    damn..she is so sharp and precise on her movement.

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