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Beginner Weight Training Program

http://www.mariofanzolato.com/ This beginner weight training program will start you up on the right path. Visit my website http://www.mariofanzolato.com for …

Beginner Program Training Weight

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  1. Good Video

  2. Thanks for this!! Appreciate it very much, just incorporated it this

  3. Hey mfanz, currently Im 141lbs. & you have the build & size im trying to
    get…thou for me id build up my traps a bit more. Anyways what is your
    height & how big are your arms? And lastly what do you do to train legs, is
    there a video of that? Thanks!

  4. how long are u suspose to do this work out before u can move on to more
    advansed workouts

  5. ok is it circuit or i will need to finish example 3 sets of dembbell lunges
    ? tnx!

  6. how were u able to get that chest through just pushups..?

  7. Do you have a 30 second break or anything after each set? Ive just started
    working out and have no idear how to make a schedule, what would you advise
    to start with and then progress?

  8. @martynblackburn1977 The reason why I suggest it is because I find it
    beneficial to always start a workout with the largest muscle group.

  9. @mfanz Quick question, do I have to do all of these exercises when I
    workout or can I leave some out?

  10. hey can u gve me a shedule for a week i have jst startd to work out

  11. @callumvictor I’d suggest you normally change your program once every 3
    months – but in this case, since you’re performing the same exercises more
    than once per week… it may be a good idea to move forward after about 2
    months. Listen to your instincts – When a workout begins to feel boring,
    that’s probably also when your muscles have gotten used to it and it’s time
    to change. Thanks very much for the comment.

  12. You should rest for about 1-3 minutes in between sets. If for whatever
    reason you’d like to get through the workout quicker, rest for only 1
    minute or so, but it’s important that you keep the weights on the low side
    as well in this case. On days when you’re not rushed, you could rest for up
    to 3 minutes, which will enable you to lift heavier. Keep in mind, though,
    that the amount of weight used doesn’t necessarily determine whether
    results will be fruitful or lackluster. Consistency is key!

  13. @WestSideCoolidge I suggest you perform all of the exercises, but they can
    be spaced out (for example, split into two separate days) throughout the
    week. In sum, complete the entire program at least once per week. You’d be
    surprised at how much muscle you can put on by working out less, and
    resting more. Even though it’s quite minimal, you still might get great

  14. @WestSideCoolidge Thanks mfanz. It would be best to workout all of these
    exercises. I noticed a huge different with this training program though. I
    feel sore like I actually did some real work. I did all my reps slow and
    controlled this time. I know this works. Thanks :)

  15. this doesn’t look very beginner to me!

  16. Great.

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