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The Truth About Building Muscles With Supplements

Many new body builders are looking for a quick fix, an overnight transformation in Arnold Schwarzenegger, complete with hordes of chasing female fans throwing their underwear in their direction in admiration at this overnight success story and newly made God amongst men. They’re looking for the best muscle building supplements that will transform them instantly!

But let’s stop daydreaming.

As with any major body change, it requires a major and long term lifestyle change that you must be prepared to commit to for the foreseeable future. This is truly the only attitude that will serve for any sustainable transformation.

While the best muscle building supplements available sell well and receive great reviews, the fact is that they are just that – supplements. This means that even the best muscle building supplements will only offer any benefit at all if they are accompanied by a healthy high protein and low in fat diet and a rigorous exercise routine that strikes the balance between too much and not enough absolutely perfectly.

One thing it is worth noting is that incorporating high protein foods into your diet, eradicates the need for protein supplements. Foods such as nuts, seeds, egg whites, milk, cheese, fish and beans are all high in protein and protein is scientifically proven to promote muscle build up. And any excess protein is simply excreted, treated by the body as waste, thus rendering those often expensive protein supplements pretty useless.

When we speak of supplements, it is not uncommon to come across those claiming to have had amazing success with steroids. Note that steroids are not a supplement. They are a drug of sorts and a potentially very dangerous one. And yes, while they will indeed bulk you up, the long term health and physical effects of steroid usage include heart problems, acne, renal failure and hair loss.

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