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Extreme Total Body Fat Burning Workout | Level 3- BeFit in 30 Extreme

Extreme Total Body Fat Burning Workout | Level 3 from BeFit in 30 Extreme is an explosive full-body workout that employs a unique blend of strength-training,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

BeFiT Body Burning Extreme Level Total Workout

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  2. Awesome workout! Had me sweating.. after a couple I will be increasing the
    weight to add more resistance. Go BeFit!

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  6. Carla G. Martínez Cortés

    Love it so helpful…..!

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  10. Love this..did it 2 times for a good 44 min workout….thought I was in the
    best shape but I felt every min of it..thanks for sharing!

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  13. I really like this instructor, she gives great motivational advice unlike a
    lot of videos I’ve tried, where I feel behind whereas she seems so kind and
    helpful and it just makes you want to continue :)

  14. ps love YOUR videos Cynthia make it so much fun! best out of the bunch but
    you all are awesome!

  15. hi Cynthia, just curious I am about your height and was wondering how much
    do you weigh as trying to get a goal set for myself how tall are you I am
    5′ 8.5″ 

  16. Great workout when I finished it I was sweating and happy. Thank you so

  17. Me and my friend have been doing your workout and we are only 11. We are
    starting to see the difference in our stomachs. We just wanted to say thank
    you for making these videos!!!!!

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  23. Well this look doable. Thanks!


    Love it when you two work together.

  25. This workout was amazing! Thanks! And Kelsey, you’re too funny! You both
    really work well together. :)

  26. I need to try this steps of exercise. It looks so fun even though a bit

  27. Awesome ladies! Would you design a low impact workout for people with bad
    knees? All the lunges kill my knees…. :-)

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  29. Love it, but I do have to say you guys scared me at the intro because I
    thought I wasn’t going to make it through the work out.

  30. I rarely post comments but, you 2 are adorable! I have honestly not laughed
    so much whilst working out and 15 minutes shot past, Thank you!!

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