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Full Body Yoga Workout: Intense Weight Loss & Strength Training for Beginners & Athletes

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For beginners just do less sets and work your way up Mondays & Thursdays – Chest and Back Tuesdays & Fridays – Shoulders Triceps and Biceps Wednesdays & Satu…
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Athletes Beginners Body FULL Intense Loss Strength Training Weight Workout Yoga

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  1. I feel shaky from my muscles tightening, stretching, and straining, but
    feel so relaxed at the same time! LIKED and SUBSCRIBED! You are a genius,
    not to mention a yogi master! :)

  2. i LOVE this routine. thank you for making me like yoga! :)

  3. if you don’t feel pain youre not doing it right!! love it!!!!!!

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  5. I haven’t done yoga in awhile and after this video I was dying! (but in a
    good way, haha) I’m going to be using this one frequently. It made me feel
    like I actually worked out!

  6. Amazing routine!. I’m trying this on my rest days. Thanks for the upload.
    Cheers from HTX

  7. Sexy feet. 

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    WeightLossAction.info i took a bit on it since i wanted to get fit. My
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  9. Sacha-yves jean-louis

    My God Dena.. Even if am against it ’cause too many people do it for the
    wrong reason, I would so slide a ring on her!

  10. can this be done by men?

  11. For sure! I’ve never encountered any exercise that isn’t unisex. After all,
    men and women have the same set of muscles, albeit in different
    proportions. It’s true that you don’t find many videos with male yoga
    instructors. But that doesn’t mean we don’t benefit from it.

  12. Fuck of with your commicials

  13. Дэниел Терри

    Mike Chang is a money grubbing whore

  14. what bra are you wearing, Dena? they’re hot!

  15. This woman is insanely hot

  16. Nice shorts!

  17. good vid

  18. ow i was on the wrong channel, asking for your twitter. haha, do you have
    twitter brah? i’m from Belgium and i follow your videos for some time. tnx

  19. If you desire to bulk up, you should do a google search Max Muscle Method.
    They can help you get the body you deserve.

  20. Looks like a really great gym there Alex. Some serious builders in thur!
    Dude at 4:32 talkin to ur brah is a beast. Ignore the ignorant hater
    comments btw.

  21. Try touching your body with your elbows when doing Close Grip Bench! :)

  22. is on the description

  23. Awesome vid man. I think I’m gonna try out this routine. But I’m currently
    cutting should I do less sets and more reps? And how often do u do cardio?

  24. Wtf abdu bitar

  25. that is a fuckload of sets.. goddam.. but if its workin for u thats what up
    man..salute ninja!

  26. heres a video i did on this /watch?v=PiE6QgTDCms

  27. Does he have an email i can write to ?

  28. gonzalezmichael52

    No problem bro. Hopefully it works out. I’ve also heard that it’s because
    of genetics but I always like to find a way to make things work out lol.
    Anyways Alex, keep up with the videos. I’ve learned a lot from you and
    other great YouTubers. I’m currently using your training split with some
    different exercises and I’ve been noticing them gaaaiiinnzzzz lol.

  29. Do you focus on cardio any? Would you suggest not worrying about cardio
    when working muscles twice a week?

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