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How To Weight Train For Muscle Building – Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer By Kyle Leon

“Weight Training and muscle building” tips at http://themusclemaximizer.com Hey all, Kyle Leon here and if this is the first time you’ve been exposed to my m…
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Building Kyle Leon Maximizer Muscle Somanabolic Train Weight

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  1. NEW VIDEO: How To Weight Train For Muscle Building

  2. Very good tips and well said. 

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  4. It all makes good sense enjoyable video thanks

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  6. If you want to gain strength, google Reg Park’s 5 x 5 routine. It’s the go
    to routine that I use multiple times a year to change it up. It’s a pure
    strength routine that changed my life. You can find the routine online for
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  7. yo im 17 give me tips

  8. The most important equipment to these guys is the mirror..

  9. Gracias

  10. its a scam

  11. Ah, so this is the stuff the trolls spam other fitness channels with. Lift
    with control and minimise momentum, you say? In other news, bears defecate
    in woodland areas and The Pope, in an unusually candid interview, has
    confessed to having, quote “strong Catholic tendencies.”

  12. Checking out your other videos now, kinda impressed

  13. Thats not always the case but good advice anyway.

  14. Thank you Kyle for the important advice today. Your program does work, I am
    bigger and stronger than I was in the military 10 yrs. ago.

  15. It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other people get
    ripped easily with Mega Muscle Method (Look it up on google).

  16. Very nice

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