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Jay Cutler Living Large Episode 3 – Workouts, Training Tips, Nutrition – Bodybuilding.com

Get Jay’s full program here: http://bbcom.me/17TZ3vD The best bodybuilders have nutrition down to a science. Jay Cutler might as well have a Ph.D. in eating …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Bodybuilding.com Cutler Episode Large Living Nutrition Tips Training Workouts

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  1. Everyone would love him if he had a better attitude towards things….

  2. Check out Episode 3 of @mrojaycutler Living Large! Enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!

  3. did he get a new wife? I dont remember that woman in his past videos.

  4. It actually makes life so tough by growing that big.

  5. i wish i had someone to shave my back :/

  6. Jays got 1 hot gf i’ll tell ya!

  7. This is what I call a meaningfull and thoughtfull life approach, please
    circulate it to your circles. Thanks in advance

  8. he seems to be getting tired of the body building life style. i mean i
    would too at that level. food becomes an obsession in these peoples lives. 

  9. even with all the money , his life seems boring in this video , and eating
    like that feels like torture, the worse feeling is forcing yourself to eat
    , and his gf or that pretty girl seems like a slave lmao 

  10. Damnit Jay, turn off your laptop when someone cooks you a meal, show some

  11. He reminds me of President Nixon.

  12. jay whats the secret? tell me your secret

  13. Is that Monique his girlfriend or his assistant?

  14. fucking jonny bravo

  15. Dude, what is your point!!?? Even if you abuse paracetamol you die!
    Moderation is the key

  16. Somebody tell me if steroids are illegal outside medical use from a Dr.
    why aren’t these guys being brought up on felony charges?

  17. fuck you nooby

  18. Great video. This hits it right on the head buddy. Every bodybuilder should
    view this video.

  19. Nolvadex is a SERM not an AI.

    That is still a lot of roids. They will likely drop dead still.

  20. I was never big. Although, I wanted to get bigger, I never tried any of
    this junk. Still around at 55 .

  21. I used to be in bodybuiding now I am in pure fitness

  22. y would someone take steroids? who the hell is gunnu think ya look good?
    the results its just its so gross 

  23. this is all bullshit ….. what of the guys that have taken stuff for more
    than 30-50 years and are still healthy and going strong ? i know a few
    and i myself am 50 and have taken a lot of stuff and all my tests show
    way above normal health fact is my doctor think ill live to 100

  24. César Axel Galíndez Jiménez

    Great video man!

  25. Gr8 video. Thanks so much for the valuable insight.

  26. fantastic post thanks

  27. Could you please reference the source of this/these articles?

  28. Steroids don’t make you sick they also don’t give you cancer why would they
    give steroids too sick people.

  29. great man !

  30. you seam to talk about steroids alot for someone who CLAIMS to be natural,
    your a prick, why dont you just stop flooding youtube with your pathetic
    accent and videos

  31. steroids are more safer then alcohol& rec drugs

  32. Better live 10 years like a lion than 30 years like a pussy hater natural
    limited nerd.

  33. Stop making videos 

  34. Steroids make you impressive on the outside and rotten on the inside, sadly
    most younger bodybuilders don’t give a shit and think 30-40 is a million
    years away.

  35. 100 mg Anadrol, 600mg tst, 400mg deca, 50 mg winny only 6 weeks prior to
    competition ?… really ? really mister Levrone ?
    *cough cough*

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