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Muscle Building Diet: My Muscle Building Diet Daily Ritual

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Building Daily diet Muscle Ritual

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  1. juicing keeps the fiber out..

  2. What was the fruit he sneaked in there without telling us? 

  3. its not juicing if your blending… duh just stating the obvious

  4. such a fag

  5. oh, so you find out about roids. 

  6. Have you experienced Fat Blast Factor? (look for it on google) It is a
    quick way to shed fat fast.

  7. i gained 23 pounds in 3 and a half months all muscle no fat(with fat it
    would be 32 pounds)..so i have no problem believing this guy got 41 pounds
    in 6

  8. Wow, you have a very attractive wife, sir.

  9. Vince, just found your site by searching the word push-ups on you tube. I
    really appreciate the reasons for what you are doing. Like any sport, you
    need to get it in your head what’s happening before you can execute! I’ll
    be trying to absorb all the info. Thanks and keep up the great work:)

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    website you will find a nice free video explaining how to build noticeable
    muscles quickly while eliminating unwanted fat at the same time. James and
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  12. chootiye

  13. Crazy clip. Outstanding movie. My younger brother was formerly an obese
    dude. He went from 284 lbs of fat to 203lbs of total lean muscle mass. His
    mates were in shock. I just joined personally as I wanna beef up. He made
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  14. your still small banana man 😀

  15. 3 years did it work than

  16. yuour such scam artist

  17. Some valuable tips that will be applied to my workouts for sure Vince,
    thanks again for sharing. You’re a major inspiration for all the other
    skinny guys out there. Keep up the good work!

  18. BodybuildingCooking

    I like you daily ritual! Most people don’t pay attention so much to meals
    and meal plans, but it is as important as lifting weights!

  19. I agree, you are blending here, not juicing. A nutrabullet would work for
    this also.

  20. It’s a nice blender but that’s not the same as juicing. I like both.

  21. uhhhh… actually, Mark Zuckerberg & Steve Jobs knew exactly what they were
    creating and a good estimate about how much it would generate. They had
    both created similiar applications in the past that sold for millions and
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