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Muscle Building Tip: How to Boost Testosterone Levels NATURALLY!!

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Boost Building Levels Muscle NATURALLY Testosterone

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  1. Theses guys ROCK

  2. “Stroke dat tip!” Lmao! Shot out!

    “Eat alot Nutz” Whoa No homo. Where they do that at?

  3. Smooth ass intro

  4. “you goin be a fat fuck” LOL

  5. Whats your warmup consist of?

  6. Too FUNNY!!

  7. go to the gym with an erection lol

  8. X hamster Lmfao

  9. Mendeleev Farraday

    Mushroom tits xDDDD

  10. 10-4 on the good advice

  11. Lil Rodrigo from Arlington VA

    for real for real, this time u knuckleheads made me laugh like a mutha ( :

  12. this video is so false to what you guys do right now

  13. To raise your free test levels you need cholesterol. Healthy cholesterol
    from egg yokes is an excellent source. Shrimp and lobster are also a great
    source of good cholesterol. At the same time broccoli will play a major
    role helping to keep your test levels high by greatly reducing your
    estrogen level. 

  14. Your body is metabolic, not catabolic lol. I’ve been watching your videos
    lol. It’s all about that I.F.

  15. So get the mushroom tip lol 

  16. Galen Patterson IV

    Now I know to pop in a fuck tape when I need higher Testosterone 

  17. Can high testosterone levels be genetic? Every time I check my blood
    results my testosterone is always high and my diet and sleep is rarely
    good. Last week I got my testosterone levels checked again and it was 34.2
    which is higher than the highest average in a person (32).

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