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Shit Weightlifting Girls Say

A look at life from the perspective of female weightlifters. See outtakes here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ_BrOp49P4 http://www.catalystathletics.com …
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Girls Shit Weightlifting

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  1. You don’t become Britney’s back up dancer in a day!

  2. I can’t believe lip slip is even a saying, that is awesome. Also these
    girls have banging bootys

  3. i dont get why pretty girls destroy their female shape with

  4. Lip slip.

  5. That how me and my friends are at weightlifting practice 

  6. Stunning…strength and funny with it..enjoy it you bunch of hermers

  7. I’m a runner. I had no clue what I was listening to the entire time. 

  8. Lost it at “size fetus”

  9. LOL I weight lift and never say any of this

  10. “she totally snatches like a crossfitter” ahahaaha

  11. Wait, I have to pee…

  12. wtf is it with that 80s jerk technique? use the split goddamn 😀

  13. the girl in black got some ass

  14. The best was “Is chalk Paleo” … “I don’t know. Is water Paleo?”

  15. Got damn they’re strong as fuck

  16. I’ve never worked out with a girl so this was very educational.

  17. ass and quads

  18. OK, I’m copying that dancing routine for my own warm up.

  19. Honest question, is Aimee working on eliminating that arm bend she does
    before the second pull?

  20. So many trolls in these comments ha. Well, I thought the video was funny
    (and the troll comments)! Good job ladies.

  21. i only use pink tape two, tape buddys!!

  22. lol so completely true! I always have to pee xD

  23. Lookin’ sexy!

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