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Steroids Are Not Needed To Build Muscle Mass and Strength

Muscle Building 101. Good supplements, good food, and smart workouts will build muscle without steroids.
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Build Mass Muscle Needed Steroids Strength

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  1. I train fasted at 5 am. I train harder than most people on pre-workout
    shakes. It has to do with adrenal gland secretion and other hormones in the
    bloodstream of a fasted state. Just my 2 cents. I have maintained my weight
    and lost 6″ off my waist doing this. Talk about recomposition. Fasted
    training is better period.

  2. I’ve used pre-workout supps for quite a while now and wouldn’t be without

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    website you can watch a smart free video showing the best way to build
    noteworthy muscles fast whilst reducing fat at the same time. Brandon and
    hundreds of guys with the same goal had good success applying this system.
    It might help you out too.

  4. Hello everyone. Fine movie. My good friend used to be a fatty. He
    revitalized his body from 284lbs of fat into 211lbs of pure lean muscle
    mass. I became amazed. I just registered personally as I have to greatly
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  6. Milk before a workout? What a fuckin douche no wonder he looks like shit

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    minute in the gym, then you should check out this online video SIXPP.COM I
    know we’re not saints or virgins or lunatics; we know all the lust and
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  8. Great video, thank you for your information and the time you put into your
    videos. I also like to read appliedergogenics.blogspot.com by Jerry Brainum
    the original vitamin guru. I look forward to seeing all your videos!

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    find a smart free video showing how you can build noteworthy muscle mass
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  10. WorldClassNutrition

    Love the comments…Good and bad!… keep em coming

  11. of course you don’t NEED steroids to gain mass. But it would make it easier.

  12. @chughes44 no supplement is need to grow muscle idiot(except steroids that

  13. im sure you would look gergous right after ur training ,u have a lot of
    muscle indeed

  14. Fat free milk? whats the point of avoiding fat if ur building mass and
    strenght, it is even better working out with some healthy fats involved in
    ur diet if u want build strenght and mass.

  15. i have about the same build as you do. I’m 35, so if you can imagine what I
    may look like.

  16. Do you even lift?

  17. sometimes I poop

  18. Most of the supplements out there are garbage. The best way to get the most
    from your workouts is a good sound whole foods diet, rest, and weight
    training schedule.

  19. @steroidsR4losers true

  20. You’re also missing out on other nutrients in whole foods, like essential
    vitamins. Drinking these regularly with fat free milk as he suggests, in
    place of meals, probably means you’re getting deprived of fats, which
    contributes to poor vitamin absorption, low energy, and many other
    problems. Also drinking anything at the gym right before you workout is a
    horrible idea (even water).

  21. take some winstroll man ur body so fat ……….

  22. no forearms

  23. Dude, you are fat as hell… Obviously steroids ARE needed.

  24. @Gytis Norutis you are supposed to get the majority of your protein from
    whole foods not protein drinks. there are alot of additives in those
    drinks. its okay to do once a day but if you are doing it 3-4 times a day
    thats not good.

  25. the fact that he’s an ifbb pro bodybuilder and a mr olympia competitor
    didnt give that away….?

  26. growth hormone gut. learn things, then make fun of them.

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