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Top 8 Fundamental Muscle Building Tips

Carbo loading – The greatest of all the muscle building tips is to gain as much healthy weight as you possibly can. New muscles can only be built when your body has a surplus of calories even after you have burnt calories during a good work-out. The extra calories will be used to repair damaged tissue and build new muscle. Your calorie intake target should be 20 times your body weight.

Fat intake – Hormones are responsible for muscular growth and strength. The hormonal production and overall stimulation is directly linked to your fat intake. Researchers have found solid proof that fat and testosterone production are undoubtedly related. More fat means higher testosterone levels. Avoid saturated fats as these fats cause heart diseases and strokes. The fat type that needs to be increased in your diet is Essential Fatty Acids also known as EFA’s such omega 3 and 6. These EFA’s are not naturally produced by the body and needs to be supplied by the food you eat or supplements you drink.

Detoxing – Detoxing is an essential part of any diet and exercise regime including your muscle building one. Free radical damage should be prevented or at least minimized by detoxing regularly, taking anti-oxidants that includes Vitamin A, C, E, Selenium, Glutathione as well a multi-vitamin. Are you able to commit yourself to the above mentioned muscle building tips? Body building requires loads of commitment. Below are more tips that you should adhere to.

Water – Drink plenty of water, approximately 8 glasses of water per day to ensure your body stays hydrated during hard training sessions. Water is the most natural and mildest way of hydrating your muscles and detoxing your whole body.

Increased protein intake will increase metabolic waste which means toxins will build up substantially in your bloodstream, kidneys and liver. A lack of water will have a seriously damaging effect on your kidneys.

Rest – Proper rest after exercise is the best-kept secret on your muscle building journey. Muscles are not built during exercise; they are built during the resting phase. Carbo load, train regularly and hard. Lastly allow your body to have sufficient rest.

Endurance – Muscles are not build over-night, it takes time. Your endurance and persistence will be well rewarded.

Right equipment – Exercising the different muscular groups with the correct equipment is absolutely essential for muscle building. The equipment should have variable resistance settings, specifically free-weight. Heavy weights should be used. However the weight should still be appropriate by giving you the ability to do only eight reps. Low reps and heavy weights stimulates muscle growth substantially because of the strain on the muscle- and nerve system. Technique is just as important as the right equipment. You will just waste your time if you work out for hours on the right equipment but employ the wrong techniques. By employing wrong techniques in combination with the heavy weights, you are at risk of sustaining serious and long-term injuries.

Division – Divide your workout into sections, covering specific muscle groups of your body on specific days. This will not only assist in curbing the bore often associated with exercise; it will give the muscles time to recover and rest, ensuring that they are build quickly.

Building Fundamental Muscle Tips

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