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What To Eat To Build Lean Muscle – Part 1: Breakfast

http://athleanx.com/x/musclebuildingbreakfast You’ve asked for it for quite some time now….and here it is! AthLEAN-X goes “nutrition” this time and tells y…
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Breakfast Build Lean Muscle Part

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  1. i would love if u could show a closeup of the stuff ure using. cause all u
    got there is not available at the exact same form in austria (where i
    live). for example what kind of salsa is that? what is in there? same for
    the skim milk. stuff gets produced differently. i would really appreciate
    that. thx in advance

  2. he said “white woman who knows how to cook” rest my case 

  3. @ 101xkiba. Not true. It only breaks down the fibers more at the cellular
    level and actually makes it easier for your body to digest. (less work) The
    nutritional value such as protein content does not change but simply
    loosens the bonds that keep the protein together. Protein will still be
    protein. HEAT no matter what source destroys vitamins but not as much as
    you think so no worries. If your pressed for time the nuker is fine.

  4. Workout At Home Made Easy

    I believe breakfast is an important meal of the day. Cinnamon does not only
    give your food a nice taste, but is also good for your body health.

  5. 2:40 Jeff´s Dog!

  6. 6 minutes in a microwave? What is it 25watt?!

  7. BodybuildingCooking


  8. I heard that placing food items and such in the microwave makes the foods
    actual nutrition lowered or be nonexistent

  9. By working out.

  10. Look at that landline phone. Ah, the good ol’ days…

  11. wow this seems promising!!!

  12. My parents said that they can pay a gym membership for me but they say that
    i will never go work out. how to convice them?

  13. Thanks for the tip,will put it to use

  14. Put protein in the oatmeal

  15. crazykid123ization

    um hello 1986

  16. is oatmeal with apples or bananes good??

  17. lol at the end you can hear his dogs eating.

  18. lmfao u joking bro? lmfao u must be a skinny shit to think this guy does
    steroids lol

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