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What to eat to gain muscle and what to eat to build muscle

What to eat to gain muscle and what to eat to build muscle

what to eat to gain muscle, what to eat to build muscle, how to gain muscle. Gain muscle with http://www.thephysiqueformula.com Want to build muscle? Hire ji…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Build Gain Muscle

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  1. Johnathan Ramirez

    Hey Jimmy I’m a huge fan of your work. I wanted to ask you. what are the
    best sites for good accurate information on various diets (paleo, low-carb,
    intermitted fasting, vegetarian, vegan, south beach diet, etc)…I’m
    looking into pursuing health and fitness as a career as well. and just need
    good sources to research and use as references and knowing how to cite

    if you get the chance to send me the links to these websites I would most
    appreciate it. Thank you again for being a great and honest fitness guru my
    friend. Take care

  2. So I shouldn’t buy mass gainer shakes even if they’re for lean mass?
    There’s a 1:1 ratio of carbs to protein in those shakes/powders

  3. omg you are so informative. Thanks for being passionate about this

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  6. michaelrleroy@gmail com

    Nice! I’m glad i took the time before my run to check this out.

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  8. lol 100% bullshit

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  10. Have any proof you gain 10 lbs of pure muscle in a week? I’m calling
    bullshit on that.

  11. LiFeIs2Short2Whine

    Yeah..That program at the site MusclesMaximizer.info shows an instructions
    which exactly you need to know about how you can gain muscles. In my past,
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    pure muscles in a week using simplest body building strategy which is

  12. HEY jimmysmithtraining Youre Video is FANTASTIC! i’ve sent you a message
    please get back to me. Thanks! JD Anderson

  13. sidhartha adhikar

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  15. he sounds just like shea LEobuff

  16. no fish oil though

  17. And good video btw. I forgot to say.. first comment :)

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    I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a diet plan known as Proladox
    Diet Plan (just google it). Seriously, that diet plan has changed my life.
    I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning it cause I don’t want a bunch of
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  20. nice video

  21. whambam jamsandwich

    All of these fags advertising there shit on here, its funny. Anyhoo thanks
    for the tips

  22. Crazy clip. Amazing film. My close friend used to be flabby. He changed
    himself from 290lbs of fat into 213 lbs of natural muscle mass. I could not
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  23. whats better for martial art the grow stronger method or the txt program ?

  24. Hello Don, It depends what you mean with cooking. If you mean adding to
    your food Virgin Olive and Almond oil are great but if you start heating
    those oils your destroying all goodness out of these oils. Peanut oil and
    butter is better, Cocos oil is the best for heating in food.

  25. where is this gym?

  26. @WhatIsItToBurn yea, i’ll try to figure something out…

  27. lol is this the late night show ?… this intro music SUX

  28. Im a powerlifter and compeating in the -120kg weight class, but im only
    110kg so I might as well compete in the -105 class but everytime i drop the
    weight i loose a lot of strenght to, do you have any tips on how to cut the
    weight without loosing my strenght ?

  29. thanks for sharing this fo free :)

  30. @WhatIsItToBurn thats not his volume, thats your speaker system man i hear
    it fine

  31. Geertwildersforever

    what are nooby gains?

  32. mariuz gets his ass beat in MMA

  33. Is it possible to get stronger and lose a huge amount of weight. I enjoy
    lifting weights or exercises that give me a high like stairs or my
    kettlebell/dumbbell circuit. I find walking or low intensity training
    boring. I had success two years ago lost nearly a hundred pounds but have
    slowly put it all back on. I am looking for long term changes to help
    change my life.

  34. @strengthcamp got it thanks.

  35. can someone post a link to this “txt” meal program. I NEED THIS INFO!!

  36. @strengthcamp do you think you can beat Dorian Yates in a fight?

  37. that shirt is dope.

  38. fuck out the waaay

  39. Yo Elliot! :-)

  40. yo elliot this video is in reguards to food and meal plans so i thought id
    ask you if you new about the two bills that are in the process of possibly
    being passed by the federal government. Bills HR875 and S 425 to my
    understanding will put all food that will be sold in the us in the control
    of the huge greedy commercial farmers. It makes it so organic food is
    illegal, and growing your own food at home is illegal as well.

  41. @nikolatesla08 – yea, there is a link in the video description box.

  42. My grammar is horrilbe i should have said makes it so organic food’s are
    illegal, Sorry. Oh and it states that they are putting these companies in
    control because they are food experts.

  43. Yo! Elliot :) Which is best to use for my cooking Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
    peanut Oil or Almond Oil? Whats the Difference between the 3?

  44. lol i have the same haircut

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